6 Ways to Organise your Food

Duck you! You Ducking pantry!

Not quite the exact words used last night when a box of cereal fell on my head as I rifled through my pantry for M&M’s, but I’m sure you can guess how it went in reality.


I’ve come to crisis point with my pantry. We’re at war and the pantry is winning.

On a good day I’ll throw things in there and shut the door, on a normal day I’ll throw things in there and leave the door open. I can’t tell which are the unopened boxes of taco shells and which ones are empty. The empty ones should already be in the recycling basket located ‘handily’ just inside the pantry door but have instead been thrown Frisbee like through the pantry door in the hope they will just land somewhere I won’t trip over.

But, I will shy away from this battle no longer, I will fight the good the fight, I WILL CONQUUUEEERRRR!!

Okay, apart from the cereal box falling on my head (which by the way pissed me off so much I ate more M&M’s than I originally intended, in turn reeallly pissing me off because I’m meant to ‘be good’ this week) this was not the only problem.

I really want to be on the front foot in achieving my new years resolution of reducing my food footprint but to avoid reverting to old habits at the first sign of things being hard or chaotic, I want my food areas to be streamlined and well organised.


The 5 areas I’m looking to focus on to reduce my food footprint are:

  1. Eating less meat
  2. Choosing organic and free-range products
  3. Eating seasonal food
  4. Buying our food locally
  5. Wasting less food

In preparation for this, my plan is to:

  1. Find easy vegetarian recipes in a bid to reduce the amount of meat we consume
  2. Work out a meal plan in advance to ensure we do actually eat regular vegetarian dishes
  3. Research organic and free-range options and where they can be bought from
  4. Find a good quality seasonal fruit and veg guide
  5. Research options where I can readily buy my food locally
  6. Organise my pantry, fridge and freezer so I am aware what we have available at all times and avoid having to throw out food that has grown legs and personalities of their own.

With some initial organisation and a little change in the way I think about how and what we are eating, our family can eat much more healthily, more sustainably, and without the constant fear of being hit by a falling cereal box.

Where in your kitchen do you find the most problematic and in need of a major overhaul?


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