Say it Loud and Proud with a Gift Tag

Giving a second hand gift can be hard.

My biggest hurdle is getting over ‘What will people think?’

I imagine myself handing over my lovingly selected present, the recipient unwrapping it with a face full of joyous anticipation but then… then one of the other guests notices the packaging has a tiny tear on it, or the book has a slight fold in the cover. They point accusingly at me and gasp, “She gave a second hand gift!” and suddenly the only sound you can hear are crickets chirping in the background. I run from the party sobbing only to realise I’ve left my handbag inside, I have to run back in and run back out again, still sobbing, and then I realise I’ve had too much to drink and have to go back in and politely ask if someone could call me a taxi and that’s when someone else would point and gasp, “And she’s drunk!”


Well, that probably wouldn’t happen because my friends are nice people but my imagination can run away with itself sometimes and cause me to panic at the mere thought of giving a second hand gift.

The way I choose to overcome this is rather than hiding it away and hoping no one will notice, I present it proudly as a second hand gift. Through this action I am able to explain the benefits of giving pre-loved gifts with confidence and hopefully more people will follow suit.

I’ve created a gift tag that I now use on all my pre-loved gifts to explain that the gift is second-hand and the reasons why via the following poem.

We hope you don’t mind
We hope you understand
While your gift’s been carefully chosen
It does come second hand

By doing this we are trying
To be conscious of our buying
Becoming more sustainable
So a better future is obtainable


If you decide to take up the second-hand-gift-giving quest, download the gift tag template, print double sided, cut and attach to the second-had gifts you give.

The tag includes the web address for ‘A Little Change’ so any second hand gift recipients who are on board with the idea can download and print off their own gift tags.

The tag also includes the web address for ‘The Story Of Stuff Project’ which has a fantastic video explaining how the world works in regards to the production, use and eventual disposal of ‘stuff’. It’s focus is mainly on the USA but the message is relevant for everyone and explains the issues in such a simple way that kids will understand it and take the message with them.

What holds you back from giving second-hand gifts?


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