It Started With A Worm Farm

The idea for A Little Change came when I decided to go from simply being concerned about the planet and our future and instead actually becoming more informed and to use this information to find simple ways to make some real positive change.

I hoped that by inspiring small changes in how people viewed sustainable living, I could show that it was possible, and actually quite easy, to make a big impact through small changes.

I wasn’t sure if anyone would be interested in my ideas, at best I thought people might read at least one or two posts, sort their recycling more thoughtfully and that might be about it.

At worst, it involved me becoming so embarrassed that I would become a mute and people would say, “Yeah, we don’t know what happened to Bernie, she wrote some blog thing once…. I don’t know I never read it, I don’t think anyone did and anyway she just stopped talking because everyone thought it was a weird idea….”

Sooooo, I was absolutely chuffed when friends announced the other day that they had been inspired to start a worm farm due to the subtle changes in mindset that came about through reading this blog. (So yay! I don’t have to become a mute!)

These friends had long spoken about living more sustainably but were never really sure where to start – so, they started with a worm farm.

A worm farm is a brilliant way to dispose of any food waste and transform it into a nutrient rich feed for your soil and plants.

With this small but simple change, they have instantly reduced the amount of food waste in their household bin which would have normally gone into landfill to eventually become the potent greenhouse gas, methane.

I’m not saying everyone should go out and start a worm farm, but if everyone found similar small changes, such as this, in their everyday life we can make big impact.

Another friend recently showed me with pride her young daughter’s snack box which had been given a makeover after she read my post about food packaging waste. Pre-packaged yogurts had been replaced with re-usable containers filled with yogurt from home, individually wrapped fruit bars had been replaced with fruit and snack bags of biscuits had been replaced with a re-usable container holding her daughter’s after lunch treat.

My point in all of this is, it doesn’t matter what your lifestyle is or what you think you could or couldn’t do to live more sustainably, what matters is that you make the decision and start.

Start small and I guarantee you will make change.

Hopefully, through this blog I will uncover many more ways in which we can live sustainably and also how we can inspire each other with ideas for making a little change.

What are some small ways you can start towards making a little change?


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