Fruit Ball Recipe

With Miss Logical at Kindy this year my creative snacks and lunches have been pushed to the limit. I really wanted to give her something that seemed like a treat, but was essentially healthy and more importantly, did not include a heap of unnecessary packaging.

I found a couple of fruit ball recipes that I melded together to make this one and it has turned out to be a huge hit.

15 minutes
Makes 24

1 x cup apricots
1 x cup rolled oats approx. (add more or less depending on your consistency)
¼ x cup skim milk powder
¼ x cup honey
½ x cup coconut
2 x tbsp boiling water



  1. Process the apricots
  2. Mix all ingredients with a spoon until you think you have the right consistency
  3. With wet hands roll mixture into small balls

They don’t have to refrigerated but I did put mine in the fridge to firm up a bit.


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