Mindful Shopping: Natural Instinct

Some time ago I happened to glance at the ingredients on my shampoo bottle and something struck me as strange. Even though my shampoo stated it was made from natural fruit extracts and my moisturizer had organic in the title, the ingredient list didn’t appear to show any obvious natural element involved at all.

It also started to disturb me that none of these products indicated they were not tested on animals. I can only assume that if you didn’t test your products on animals this would be a big selling point and something you would have proudly displayed on the front of the bottle?

So I began to shop around for something that used real natural ingredients and wasn’t tested on animals. While I was at it, I decided I also wanted my products to be not only Australian Made but also Australian Owned. (I know this is all sounding a bit sales-pitchy but I assure you it is a true story.)

I never really believed I would find something that ticked all those boxes and also be affordable to me but as it turned out I had to go no further than my local chemist who had just started stocking products from Natural Instinct.

I found that Natural Instinct products were free from harmful toxins, processed as little as possible and all packaging made from fully recyclable materials. I started with the Facial Scrub and Daily Moisturiser and was instantly hooked.

Fast forward a couple of years and their range has now been extended and their packaging updated to a smarter, prettier new look. Still a dedicated Natural Instinct user myself, the best bit is that A Little Change now gives me a great opportunity to spread the word to more people!

As Natural Instinct products are dermatologically tested and can assist with symptoms of dry skin like dermatitis, eczema, psoriasis and allergies, I will definitely be trying out their Sensitive Care range on Master Mayhem’s poor little eczema ridden body.

Head to the Natural Instinct website for more information on Natural Instinct and their beautiful products.

P.S. I know I don’t really need to say this but just to confirm I would never review or promote a product that I didn’t truly believe in and love myself. There, I said it.


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