Have you broken up with your analog TV?

By the end of the year, around Australia, analog TV signals will be switched off.

Say whaaatt?

This isn’t really breaking news but if you don’t know what I’m talking about, this means if you have an analog TV, you don’t necessarily need to buy a new TV but you will need to buy an extra gadget or two to make it work.*

However, if you have bought a new TV (or maybe you’ve still got that 34cm one that you saved up for back in 1995 and can’t part with it because it was your first ‘major’ purchase) you might be wondering how to get rid of your old TV.

I found this was the case when I was helping my Dad clean out his place and came across two analog televisions he hadn’t gotten rid of. He hadn’t done anything yet because he’d heard that it can cost up to $50 per TV to be offloaded. I had heard the vague rumour myself but as it turns out, that’s all it was, a rumour.

After a bit of research I was happy to find there is a national, industry funded, recycling scheme for televisions and computers in place.

Under this scheme, every company that makes and/or imports TVs and computers into Australia are required to pay for the end of life recycling of these products. This means at selected drop off points, televisions (analog, LCD, flat screens), computer monitors, printers, scanners, keyboards and mice will be accepted for free regardless of their brand or age.

If you want to find where your closest drop off point for any e-waste check out the Recycling Near You website or for South Aussies you can also have a look at the Zero Waste site.

Please note that some of the businesses listed on these sites do charge a fee but the important thing is there are free options in there also.

Alternatively contact your local council to see if they offer any e-waste recycling options in addition to their normal waste removal services.

If you find none of these locations work for you, the good news is there will be more E-waste collection and drop-off services opening up in the future. So if you are waiting for one to open up near you make sure you store your old set out of the weather.

Have you seen any other creative ideas to recycle old TVs?

* Even if you are digital ready this website is worth looking at just for the pictures, the one of the Granny using a remote control for (obviously) the first time and the teenager reluctantly tuning his mum’s telly are hilarious!

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