Swap This #7 – Packaged Fruit Sticks for Homemade Fruit Balls

Each fortnight for the six months until the end of 2013, I will be doing a series of short posts titled ‘Swap This’. These posts will be centred around ways to make little changes by using alternative products to reduce the amount of waste we send to landfill. I hope to show you that there are other options to buying over packaged goods and maybe you will save a little money too!
These fruit sticks really kill me. They are marketed as a cheap and healthy treats for kids but I do wonder if they are actually that healthy, have you eaten one? I tried one and felt like I would have been better off munching on a chocolate rather than this sugar laden “fruit” stick. Looking at the wrapper I found that 13g of the fruit stick (choc covered variety) is sugar, that’s fine except the serving size of the bar is 18g! As an alternative I found this really easy Fruit Ball recipe which took me 15 minutes to make about 25 fruit balls. The only sweet part of this treat is the honey and it has been an easy snack to send with Miss Logical to kindy. Plus there is the added bonus of no plastic packaging going in the bin (or in the back of my car!)

Treat Disclaimer: Yes, I did go against everything I believe in and bought these packaged items which I have tried to turn my back on since the start of the year. My defence is that it was in the name of research and photography. I will add, the day I bought all of these ‘treats’ we ended up having one of our “harder” days at home with Miss Logical and Master Mayhem screaming for small packages of goodies and me trying in vain to ration them out all the while feeling dirty for buying them. Please don’t judge me!

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