A Classic Case of Christmas Consumeritis


Christmas Consumeritis is an unexplained disease that affects 1 in 2 consumers every year at Christmas time.

Most consumers have suffered from this silent disease at one time or another in their life, most may not even be aware of it’s symptoms or that they are, in fact, suffering from Christmas Consumeritis.

Symptoms include but are not limited to:

  • Buying crap items that a sufferer would never normally buy throughout the year without thoroughly researching it’s origins and if sustainable alternatives can be sourced.
  • Throwing an extra gift in the trolley for a friend or family member, sometimes even for themselves, the main excuse being, ‘They’ve been really good this year.’
  • Wandering in $2 shops looking at tacky, unmemorable Christmas decorations and stroking cheap plastic candy canes filled with….cheap candy canes.
  • Worrying that although they have the barbecue apron with attached fake breasts, the Port Adelaide insulated lunchbox and the humorous calendar for Uncle Gary (even though he has never used a calendar or claimed to want one) it might not be enough of a gift.
  • Eating food and drink items such as chocolate, ham, cheese and alcohol to the point of self-harm.
  • Explaining all crap purchases, over indulgence, over spending with a cry of ‘Bah! It’s Christmas!

Sadly this disease affects all consumers but in particular parents who do it all in the name of ‘the children’ who they want to have the best Christmas ever however forget that the excitement and anticipation of Christmas is the best part.

So far there is no cure for Christmas Consumeritis. Acceptance that they have a problem is a first step for most sufferers. It will be difficult and may take years for some to accept that they don’t need the 16 pack of bon bons for $8 made in Bangladesh. Some may never admit they have a problem.

That’s why here, at A Little Change, we’re speaking up about Christmas Consumeritis to raise awareness and for people to know it’s nothing to be ashamed of but with support we can stop this illness before it gets out of control, before it’s too late.

If you know of someone or think you may be suffering from Christmas Consumeritis please, please seek help in the form of World Vision videos:

or at the very least listen to a Band Aid rendition of ‘Do they know it’s Christmas’ (always entertaining).

Have you ever suffered or know of someone that has suffered from Christmas Consumeritis?

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