Keeping Consumer Angst at Bay with Christmas Cards

It’s about this time of year I start to sweat. And I don’t mean because we’re coming into Summer.

I mean my birthday organisation for the year is coming to an end and it’s time I start thinking about Christmas.

The ol’ consumer angst starts to rise in me as I think about having to head to the department stores and be surrounded by panicked consumerism.

I think about the mountains of ‘stuff’ we will buy, the wrapping and packaging we will throw out, the cheap decorations which will probably break so we have to buy new ones next year, the food we will buy and prepare only to find our bellies are already stuffed.

All this makes me stressed and then I start to not like Christmas.

It’s about this time I need to take a few deep breaths and remind myself not to kill Christmas.

I give myself a shake and remember that with a bit more organisation and thought Christmas need not be a mad dash to buy ‘stuff’ and that sometimes the best part of Christmas is the anticipation and preparation for it.

In particular I remember the fun of making Christmas cards, finding new wrapping ideas and making baked goodies so the kids have something to give from themselves on Christmas day. Anything that works Miss Logical and Master Mayhem into a stupor over all the good things about Christmas.

And then I start to get excited again!

That’s why Miss Logical, Master Mayhem and myself have got our best colouring pencils out and are busily creating Christmas cards. I did this card idea from Filth Wizardry last year with the kids and we had an absolute ball colouring in all the gingerbread houses. Not only was it surprisingly relaxing to colour-in candy canes but it was also nice to talk to the kids about Christmas and who we would be giving the cards to. The fact that the creation involved them being able to use a glue gun did help push them to finish the final products.

Next stop in keeping the consumer angst away, finding new ideas for wrapping paper and picking this years Christmas recipe.

Woo hoo! I’m excited!

What do you do to keep consumer angst away at Christmas time?

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