Swap This #11 – Packaged Snack Goods for Butterfly Snack Bag

Each fortnight for the six months until the end of 2013, I will be doing a series of short posts titled ‘Swap This’. These posts will be centred around ways to make little changes by using alternative products to reduce the amount of waste we send to landfill. I hope to show you that there are other options to buying over packaged goods and maybe you will save a little money too!
It’s amazing how many options there are today for ‘fruit snacks’ and they all come with their own individual packaging. Sometimes the easiest fruit option is…… fruit. I’m pretty lucky Miss Logical and Master Mayhem quite enjoy their fruit (it is not the same story for vegetables unfortunately) so I don’t need to dress it up too much. However, I couldn’t resist trying out this butterfly snack bag idea. It was a huge hit and inhaled quickly whereas interestingly enough the pictured bagged fruit snacks weren’t finished… hmmm, I might be onto something here.

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