Top 5 Edible Christmas Gift Ideas

Every year I like to make a home-made Christmas gift with the kids so they have something to give in return when they receive a gift. This way they learn that it is just as fun to give a gift as it is to receive one. Plus it adds to the anticipation of Christmas for them (and me) as we begin our traditional Christmas cooking.

The following are my top 5 edible Christmas gift ideas which I have collected over the years with the thought, ‘I’ll make that next year…’ (I continue to find new ideas so this list seems to grow and grow).

Please note, these ideas are for the craft-inept, the time-poor and the kitchen-challenged… people like me.

I do love finding new ideas to try but will admit looking on Pintrest or other Christmas craft/food inspired sites can sometimes be downright depressing.

The idea of a homemade Christmas gifts is that it is something you can put your whole heart into without needing to break the bank trying to make it look too good. It doesn’t have be perfect and it doesn’t have to have the coloured twine of the moment or the retro-inspired fabrics or the fancy printed labels. All this extra stuff means you need to go out trawling the shops again which defeats the purpose of making a homemade gift. So don’t worry if your cupcakes are lopsided or your labels don’t look as good as in the magazine, hand it over anyway… and then blame someone else!

1. Christmas Choc-Mint Puddings

We are going with the Christmas Choc-Mint Puddings this year for our Christmas gift. A family favourite slice recipe which has been modified to make into balls. To make it a bit more fancy I wrapped some small boxes I scored from our local shops in plain brown paper then wrapped them in cellophane and added some twine.

2. Mango Chutney

I wasn’t planning on making this one this year but I liked the idea of giving this as a gift to friends at Christmas time and with mangoes in season now it seemed a shame to waste the opportunity. This recipe was inspired by one I found on Best Recipes and was really easy to make. For jars I sterilised some jam jars I had been hanging onto for just this occasion and topped them with some spare fabric I had.

3. Reindeer Noses

I didn’t plan on making these either but I saw them last year and really loved the idea. Master Mayhem, Miss Logical and I did up a few bags for them to give to their friends and teachers at Christmas time. They’re a bit cutesy but really easy to do and the kids loved making them. I found this easy to download design for the toppers over on Kate Hadfield Designs which Miss Logical and Master Mayhem decorated.

4. Cookies in a jar

This one is so easy to make and if you swap the choc chips with some green and red coloured lollies you will be on a Christmas winner. Perhaps a good one to give to the grandparents… to make with the grandchildren… while babysitting… he he he (or ho ho ho even!)

5. Christmas cupcake

I made two large sized cupcakes on the sly while cooking a quick mix cake with Master Mayhem. Later that night I iced them both and added some decorations I had left over from the Christmas Choc-Mint Puddings and hid them in the freezer. These will be a little extra treat for them on Christmas morning perhaps from Father Christmas if I can get away with it!

What traditional edible gifts do you give at Christmas?

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