Organising My Vegetarian Meal Plan


Last year I was pretty chuffed with myself for taking on a meat-free meal at least once a week but I have to admit I really didn’t feel like I was trying very hard.

Plus, by the end of last year I was slipping back into ham sandwiches every day, you know, because I was pregnant and not interested in doing anything at all that seemed hard.

It’s now the start of 2014 and I’m still not interested in doing anything hard so instead I’m going to start simply by gathering a few vegetarian recipes for me to try this year.

Just to set the goal high I am going to try and make ten new vegetarian main meal recipes over the course of the year.

Here’s what I am going to try:

Vegetarian risotto
Lentil Curry
Meatless Mexican Pizza
Veggie Burger (I’m determined to find a veggie burger that the whole family likes)
Homemade falafels
Vegetarian Enchiladas
Roast Vegetable and Fetta Tarts
Filo Pastry Parcels
Cheddar Vegetable and Chestnut Plait
Tofu Stir Fry (I feel like I really should give tofu a go)

If you are looking for inspiration yourself for some veggo meals here are a couple of my favourite blogs and websites:

The Veggie Mama

What are your go-to vegetarian meals? Do you have plans to reduce meat in 2014? Let me know.


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