What Are Your Sustainable Goals for 2014?

Last year was a bit of an awakening for me. An awareness that there were a lot of consumer choices I made in my everyday life that I didn’t feel happy about.

I knew I wanted to make changes but I wasn’t sure where to start and whenever I looked closely at living a more sustainable lifestyle I felt overwhelmed.

I decided to start with small changes.

Because the changes were small I assumed they would eventually become instinctive so I could then move onto bigger changes.

And for the most part they did. My second hand gift giving went well, I changed my eating habits as well as my consumer habits and I became far more aware of my impact through the research I was doing for each post.


Sometimes I still felt like I was fumbling along and would fall back to old habits when time was pressed or I wasn’t organised.

So, I’ve come up with a list of twelve, six, let’s go with four goals for the year, (I have to keep reminding myself I am going to have my hands full in a month!) aimed specifically at getting me organised and achieving change.

Goal No. 1. Clothing De-clutter

I’d love to say whole house de-clutter but I’I’m trying to be realistic so will just start with my clothes and the kids (clothes that is…). Also, as the year goes on I will be able to pass on all the baby clothes (I had been kindly given) to someone else who needs them which will be a really good feeling. My thought being with this de-cluttering, less clothes, less stuff, less work!

Goal No. 2. Gift Giving

I’d like every gift from us this year, including Christmas, to be either a sustainable product, a homemade item, an experience or purchased pre-loved. I did okay last year but I don’t feel like I nailed it. I need to re-visit my gift-giving organisation and review for 2014.

Goal No. 3. Be Kitchen Organised

Organising my fridge, freezer and pantry:
The ripple effect here is less waste, more creative cooking using what I have and no over-buying at the supermarket.
Go old school:
I constantly tell myself I’m going to use less paper towel and more bi-carb soda and vinegar for my cleaning in a bid to save money, packaging and nasties but I never do. I think if I had alternatives organised and in place I would use them.
Meal planning:
This is to help us have more vegetarian meals and to be on top of school lunches and treats, showing Miss Logical that school treats don’t have to come in tiny sealed packages.

Goal No. 4. Food Shopping

Say goodbye to the supermarket:
It’s been a long held dream of mine to not be tied to the routine of heading to the supermarket every week. Last year I found my local butcher, fruit and veg person and seafood person, I just need that last step of pulling it all together.
Palm Oil Free:
Palm oil was something I started looking into at the start of last year but it was such a big, overwhelming issue I found I had to take a step back from it and plan to tackle it when I could give it the time it needed. I’m hoping 2014 is that time.

I’ll let you know as the year goes on how I am going, what worked and what didn’t.

What are your sustainable goals for the year?


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