Top 5 Ethical and Sustainable Online Present Shopping Choices

As you know, I can get myself into a tizz over my gift-giving. I like to know the gift I’m giving is thoughtful, right for the gift recipient and basically, not crap.

When I say crap I mean breakable, non-recyclable, non-durable, made from unsustainable products, manufactured unethically, carbon footprint heavy, mass produced…the list goes on. A gift that means I have to run to a large store at the last minute and grab something off the shelf with no real thought about how it got into my hot and sweaty hands.

I like to be organised with my gift-giving so I can plan ahead and give myself time to find a pre-loved product that has already gone the distance and can go the distance again and again. By doing this I take myself out of the consumer loop which is manufactured to make us think we must buy new every time.

Is it scary handing over a second-hand gift?

Sometimes. But most of the time I get a really positive reaction and by getting the ball rolling, turns out a lot of people would prefer to give and receive quality pre-loved gifts or something alternative to a first-hand store bought gift.

Does it work every time?

No. It doesn’t. Because there is always someone I missed, a new friend I hadn’t planned for or to be really honest, times when I do find it too scary to hand over the pre-loved gift.

It’s okay. There are other options.

Here are my Top 5 Ethical and Sustainable Gift Shopping Choices (for when I’m unorganised and/or lazy).

Eco Toys

Catering for kids from 0-8 years Eco Toys products are made from natural, sustainable, recyclable, biodegradable and/or recycled materials. Plus, they do a great range of kids eco party supplies.


Natureplay has a range of toys, craft kits and games for younger children as well as teenagers with a focus on products using sustainable timber and natural materials to ‘foster the imagination’.


A good one for any gift ideas whether it be for a new baby or for your Gran. Oxfam supports fair trade practices and cares for the environment by supporting the use of recycled and recyclable materials wherever possible.


The ultimate one stop shop for unique gifts. Etsy is about helping anyone who has a talent and wishes to sell their products. And if you are searching for something locally made, sustainable and ethical all you have to do is type it into the search engine and you will find plenty of gold.


Andable is all about supporting small business both in Australia and abroad. 10% of every sale on Andable goes to a micro loan fund to help people in need. Not only that, their site has a badging system which shows why the products are better for you, the environment and others. Andable’s focus is on goods that are fair trade, reborn, eco-friendly, supporting local business or handmade.

So next time you feel yourself drifting towards the department store for an unoriginal, unsustainable, unethical present, jump online instead and see what you can find.

Do you know of any other online ethical and sustainable websites?

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