It’s Not Easy Being Green… Sometimes

Sometimes, I’ll admit, I agree with Kermit the frog, it’s not easy being green.

Sometimes, I just want to buy new, I see something in a shop and I want it, same as everyone else.

Sometimes, I want to tell my conscience to just shut up and stop asking things like:

Do you really need it?
Isn’t that a bit over packaged?
Do you know if that was made ethically?
You could probably find that second hand, you know?

But then I remind myself why I live a ‘green’ life.

Because we can’t continue to consume the earth’s resources at a rate that’s faster than it can regenerate.

Because other people shouldn’t have to work in poor conditions to keep up with the demand of the Western world I live in.

Because I’m happier with less…..most people are… they just don’t realise it because they’re distracted by all the stuff they own.

Because animals shouldn’t be reared in factory farms to keep up with our excessive demand for meat.

Because I don’t want to lose the art of fixing things for myself.

Because I know there is more than enough ‘stuff’ already in circulation without me adding to consumer demand.

Because I want my kids to know the value of a simple life without needing material possessions.

Because I need to be the change I want to see.

So, as Kermit sings about his difficulty in being green, I too realise,

“I am green and it’ll do fine, it’s beautiful! And I think it’s what I want to be.”


Do you sometimes find it difficult to ‘be green’?


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