Waste-free School Lunchboxes Your Kids Will Love

You’ve packed your child’s lunchbox for school and while you’re confident that it passes as a healthy lunchbox (and more importantly your school person will eat the contents) you can’t help but notice the packaging involved.

The thought crosses your mind that you should think about doing things differently but right now you don’t have time and it all seems a bit too hard. You throw an extra muesli bar in and vow to think about it another day.

Well, that day has come and guess what?

You don’t have to think too hard because I’ve done all the thinking for you and put it in a handy guide titled ‘Waste-free School Lunchboxes Your Kids Will Love’.

In this guide you will find:

  • Easy ideas to help you keep packing that healthy lunch but without the packaging;
  • Quick and easy recipes that will make your kids lunchbox the envy of all their LCM loving friends and;
  • Plenty more tips on getting organised and resources to get you started.

Grab your copy for $4.95 by clicking on the ‘Buy It Now link’ in the sidebar or by clicking here.

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