Organise your Christmas Gift Giving in 30 Minutes

I know it’s only August but if you want to be giving thoughtful, ethical, sustainable and possibly pre-loved gifts now is the time to start getting your Christmas on.

Organising your Christmas shopping is much like organising your birthday shopping only it all has to be done by December and there will be more temptations to go out and purchase crap presents.

If you follow these steps you should be able to find something for everyone without adding to Christmas frenzy of consumer demand.

  1. Set aside 30 minutes by yourself and make a list of all the people you need to find presents for, include small presents you might need for teachers, neighbors, friends etc. Write these names down on your Christmas Gift Planner which can be downloaded below.
  2. download-medium

  3. Review the contents of your ‘Present Box’ – is there anything in there that would suit someone on your list? If there is, yahoo, write it on the gift planner and this gift is done!
  4. Take the time to brainstorm for anyone you don’t have a gift for. Think outside the box, once you come up with an idea, could it be sourced second-hand? If you don’t like the idea of giving pre-loved goods, could you find something locally-made from a market or a unique, hand-crafted item from somewhere like Etsy? Could you give an experience instead of a tangible gift so you know you are not adding to more ‘stuff’. Write all of this in the ‘Gift Idea’ section of the gift planner.
  5. Do you need to give a present to any teachers, neighbors, friends etc? Is this something you could make? Add these names to your gift planner along with what you will be making. Perhaps a batch of biscuits? Some Christmas cakes? or I can recommend a great Choc-mint Pudding Recipe!
  6. Next go through and note where you can find these presents. What do you need to do to make it happen? Do you need to start checking Gumtree or hunting in pre-loved shops for certain items? Can you easily buy an experience online? Do you need to make something yourself?
  7. When do you need to have the presents in place? Do you need to send any by post? Do school presents need to be ready before school finishes? Are there any ‘experience presents’ you can buy online immediately? I normally aim to finish my present shopping by 30th November each year, I don’t think I have quite managed it yet but the majority is done by then which is a good feeling.
  8. Get started! Print your list off and check back on it whenever you are going shopping. Sometimes it pays to keep a list with you or on your smart-phone so you know exactly what you need whenever you are shopping without catching a dose of Christmas consumeritis.

Do you have any Christmas shopping tips to stay on track?

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