3 Ways To Use Up Excess Lemons

Have you ever ended up with a bag full of lemons either from your own tree or from someone else desperate to get rid of them and have no idea what to do with them?

This happens to me quite often for some reason. I always say yes, is my problem, I love to have fresh lemons in the house, they look nice, they smell nice and I like to think I’m going to use them all.

But generally I don’t, I just end up with a heap of hard, rotten little lemons which don’t look nice and certainly don’t smell nice.

Well, for that next time you (or I) have a glut here are three ways to use them up.

  1. Eat them
    I am a huge fan of lemon tart especially with a bit of salted caramel drizzled over the top but I have never thought to make it myself. While I haven’t got to the tart bit I did make lemon curd using a simple recipe from Going Green. It came out exactly how I hoped and I have enough to make a tart and pass onto a friend… if I don’t’ eat it all.

  2. Drink them
    I have wanted to make lemonade for so long but it always seemed too hard however getting rid of a heap of mouldy lemons also seemed hard, so this time I went with the lemonade. I can pass this on as a gift too.

  3. Clean with them
    This was a tip from my uncle who told me to give my kitchen sink a scrub using a any leftover lemons to get it shiny. I nodded and smiled and thought ‘that will never work,’ but lo and behold it did! Turns out lemons are fantastice natural cleaners and now I also pop any lemon halves in my dishwasher when it needs a freshen up.

How do you use up your lemons?

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