Ethical Gift Ideas for Tween and Teen Girls

I have been in a quandary lately, that’s right a quandary. I have come to the realisation that it gets harder to find pre-loved gifts for kids as they get older.

The focus on gifts is no longer on toys that can be loved and then loved again but on electronics, clothes, books, money.

For girls in particular it’s hard to find something that’s grown up but not too grown up, modern but not trashy and special but not childish all without breaking the bank.

As my list of presents for tweens and teens extends I have needed to think a little harder and have come up with something I think ticks all my boxes for a sustainable, ethical and thoughtful gift.

When I am doing my pre-loved shopping I keep an eye out for any handbags, purses or toiletry bags suitable for a teenager, these are usually really easy to find in second-hand shops because let’s face it a handbag at this age doesn’t get the same wear and tear as say, my own handbag.

Then I buy a quality cosmetic item to go in the bag like a nail polish set, lip gloss, brush or appropriate make up.

This way the idea that second-hand is okay is there as well as planting the seed that what we put on our body and faces should be sustainable, ethical and non-toxic as well.

I always love to give a good book too (also easily found in second-hand book shops) which can boost up the present a bit. So, you have a handbag, a quality cosmetic product and a book to read while you’re out and about – what more could a girl want?!

Here’s a couple of ideas for products

Nail Polish – Kester Black
This is a small Australian company started in 2012 by Anna Ross whose focus is on environmentally friendly and ethically produced nail polishes with a wide range of colours.

Make Up – Pure Poppet
This brilliant company has girls covered from 5-15. It has lots of fun gift ideas from face paints, to make up kits, to (my personal favourite) natural hair colour kits. All products are made from natural non-toxic ingredients.

Tools of the Trade – EcoTools
Sometimes we are so focused on making sure that the products we use on our body and face are friendly to us and the environment we forget to look at the tools we are using to apply them. EcoTool’s products are 100% cruelty free and are made from sustainable resource, bamboo.

Lip Gloss – Dusty Girls by MooGoo
MooGoo is an Australian company initially born to help people with sensitive skin issues. It has since grown to have a range of products all made with natural oils. Dusty Girls is an added branch of the MooGoo company abiding by the same natural and environmentally friendly philosophies. They believe so strongly in the nature of their products that they advertise them as edible!

Do you think this is a gift-hit or a gift-miss for a tween?

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