Top Places to Find Your Ethical Tees Online

Ever just wanted a simple yet unique t-shirt that you knew was made

  1. without harming the environment
  2. without adding to the wrong side of consumer demand and
  3. without using slave labor in developing countries?

I have.

Luckily we live in a world where we, as consumers, can take demand into our own hands and purchase fashion we have found to be made ethically and sustainably.

Here are my top places to shop online for your next standout t-shirt plus other good stuff.

1. Humanitees
Made from 100% organic cotton which is Fairtrade certified Humanitees cute t-shirts can be purchased with no print or with one of their happy slogans. You can feel good as you wear these t-shirts knowing that part of the profits go to projects focused on helping break the cycle of poverty and helping growers of cotton who supply Humanitees.

2. Etiko
Etiko holds a special place in my heart as it was one of the first ethical companies I stumbled across when I was babe in the endangered woods saying, “What? What’s this about? Why do I need to worry about Fairtrade…..?? Oh, oh, oh my God!” For all your t-shirt, underwear or footwear needs head to Etiko.

3. Fair Tees
Fair trade, sustainable and organic clothing is Fair Tees focus – what more could you ask for? They supply a range of simple t-shirts, jumpers and totes at affordable prices and competitive shipping rates. Lots of inspirational information on their site about why they do what they do.

4. Honest Clothing
T-shirts, dresses, pants, skirts and shorts can be found at Honest clothing. I love that they are passionate not only about ethically and sustainably produced clothing but also that the clothes they provide are timeless and made to last, really stopping the consumption roller-coaster in it’s tracks.

Special Mention
I have to give a special mention to Little Tree Shop. I stumbled across it on my quest for a feel-good t-shirt and fell in love with their beautiful, beautiful clothing and their commitment to empowering communities in developing countries. No, they don’t sell t-shirts so it didn’t really fit with my whole theme here but I couldn’t stop heading back to their website!

If you want more information on where to find your ethical fashion head to Shop Ethical.

Do you have any ethical online shopping winners?

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