8 Blogs That Have Inspired Me

Some happy/sad news this week.

I have decided to wind up my regular posting here at A Little Change.

When I first started this blog I was an angst-ridden-consumer constantly worried about what effect my lifestyle was having on the environment but at the same time never taking action to find out what I should or shouldn’t be doing.

I started off small by doing things I enjoyed like baking my kids homemade snacks rather than buying muesli bars, I moved onto eating less meat and reviewing how I did my grocery shopping then I took bigger plunges like sourcing all of my products pre-loved when I could.

These things seemed hard to start with but the more I flexed my sustainable decision-making, coupled with the research I was doing, the easier it became. Two years on I skip the snack aisle without a second-thought, I barely eat meat and I am an out and proud second-hand shopper touting the benefits to anyone that will listen and hopefully inspiring a few others to make the switch.

While I don’t feel I have learnt everything I need to know I definitely feel like I am now on the path to leading a more sustainable life.

Next week will be my last regular post here where I will share twenty things I have learned along the way. For now I thought you might be interested in checking out a few blogs that have inspired and helped me along the way.

Happy reading.

Planning With Kids
I stumbled across Nicole Avery’s blog when I was at home with a toddler and a baby and found her tips on organisation, planning and generally raising happy, independent kids invaluable.

The Veggie Mama
This was the first blog I found when I was trying out more vegetarian dishes. I was pleasantly surprised to find that Stacey Roberts was also hilarious in her musings about everyday life which kept me coming back.

One Girl
The team at One Girl make me want to be a better person. They achieve an incredible amount and change many lives through their work securing an education for girls in Sierra Leone.

Slow Your Home
Brooke McAlary talks about simple living and how good life can be when you live with less stuff. Between you and me I think I have a bit of blog crush on her and how she lives her environmentally mindful life!

Little Eco Footprints
Whenever I want to daydream about making a tree change I trawl through Tricia’s blog where she writes about her move to a rural property (with a stint living in a shed!) and how she lives purposefully with minimal ecological impact.

The Little Green House
Koren and Alana Helbig’s byline is ‘Inspiration For A Kind And Ethical Lifestyle’. I love that while they have great vegan and vegetarian recipes and quirky craft ideas a lot of their postings also talk about living a kind life. And we can never have too much kindness I say.

I Spy Plum Pie
Liz makes living a sustainable life seem easy and kinda cool…which of course it is! Plus, the recipes look fantastic and are not outside of my simple kitchen skills.

Zen Habits
What ‘Blogs That Have Inspired Me’ list would be complete without Leo Babuta’s Zen Habits. This blog gives me so much inspiration to lead a more measured lifestyle. I’m not always putting it into practice but I’m getting there.

Do you have any blogs that inspire you?


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