Be Brave and Give A Donation Gift This Christmas

Having trouble finding a present for the person who has everything? How about giving that person’s present to a person who has nothing?

Yup, I’m talking about giving a donation to an organisation or charity in lieu of a gift.

Feel a bit cheeky giving a charity donation as a present while you walk away with an armful of loot? How about asking for this as a gift for yourself whenever your family is ringing asking, “Sooo, what do you want for Christmas?”

Apparently, the average Australian can spend anywhere between $500-$1200 on Christmas presents every year. Surely we can afford a cheeky $50 for someone who really needs it?

If you’re on board here are some ideas to give a donation gift this Christmas.

  • Give A Girl An Education
    One Girl is a small but passionate organisation focused on giving girls in Sierra Leone (considered to be one of the worst places on Earth to be born a girl) an education. Your donation would be spent on scholarships, sanitary pads, school rehabilitation projects and business training.Or, tell your relies you don’t want a present this year and get them to donate to One Girl’s ‘I Don’t Want A Present’ campaign which will help rebuild a school in Ronietta, Sierra Leone.
  • Help Out An Orangutan
    The Orangutan Project offers donation gift cards where you can spend from $25 up to $75 to either feed 30 orangutan orphans breakfast, purchase medicine for one year for an orangutan, or sponsor an orangatan for one year.To make things really easy for your own Christmas present you could just ask for a standing order yearly payment of $55 to adopt an orphan orangatan. Too, too cute!
  • Give Something We Take For Granted
    At Christmas time we tend to think about we want and really don’t have to think about what we need. Immunisations, school books, clean water, maternal health education, farm animals, gardening tools, toilets the list goes on of what people in need really need. A few options I found to donate with a charity gift voucher were Child Fund Gifts for Good, World Vision, Oxfam and TEAR Australia. Why not give up a want to give someone something they desperately need.
  • Give the gift of sight
    4 out of 5 people who are blind in the developing world don’t need to be. What’s worse is that routine treatment to restore sight costs as little as $25. I cringe when I think I probably spend this much on cheese alone at Christmas time. Give this gift to your chronically short-sighted relative and they will surely understand. Head to the Fred Hollows Foundation to donate.
  • Give Postnatal care to a woman in Ethiopia
    Pregnant women in rural Ethiopia have little or no access to emergency obstetric services. If they are among the five percent of women worldwide who will face obstructed labour, they will be in agonising labour for days and days. They almost always lose their baby and suffer horrific internal damage. However there is hope at the The Addis Ababa Fistula Hospital and its five regional hospitals who treat obstetric fistula patients free of charge. By giving a donation at Hamlin Fistula Ethiopia you can help train midwives to have a wider ripple effect for pregnant women in Ethiopia.
  • Let the gift recipient choose!
    Don’t know who to donate to? Head to Good Company who take the decision making out of your hands. You simply choose the donation amount and send the donation gift card with a message to your friend or relative and they can then go online and choose from 100’s of different charities or 1000’s of ethical projects. Too easy!

What do you think? Could you give a donation gift? And what would you think if you received a donation gift?

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