Creative Gift Ideas – I-Spy Phonics


Watching Miss Logical’s world open up with letters and reading is wonderful. There is nothing more exciting than to see her face light up as she zips up her boot and has a light bulb moment yelling, “Z is Zed! Zed for Zip!”

I discovered a fantastic idea for a learning phonics game over on Planning with Kids about 12 months ago.

The game involves playing I Spy, but focussing on a small number of recognisable items, with a letter suggested by their opponent (namely you or someone else who knows their alphabet) and the child having to pick/guess which item starts with that letter.

We have played this game a number of times and it is a simple, easy and fun way to play and learn about words, letters and the sounds they make. As mentioned on Planning with Kids, it is a great one to pop in your handbag for a quick game anywhere, I have found it invaluable in the doctor’s waiting room.

Our problem was however, the game was quickly forgotten when I didn’t happen to have items organised and at hand. To combat this, I found a pre-loved item for each letter of the alphabet while perusing the second hand stores and put them all together in a drawstring bag – which I also happened to find in a second-hand shop (I had grand ideas about making one but time got away from me).

We had a lot of fun hunting for all 26 items and it worked out so well I’ve decided to put it in my present box for the next three year old birthday party we attend. Sorry Miss Logical!

So the person receiving the gift understands how the game works, I have created a set of instructions and template to list which letter of the alphabet relates to which item.

ALC-I-SpyPhonics download-medium

Have fun!

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