Creative Gift Ideas – A Roller Board and Fun for Fathers Day

I’m a bit late for Fathers Day gift ideas I know, but I had to write this after the fact so Mr T wouldn’t see his present brazenly presented on the blog before the event!

Mr T and I are definitely finding as we get older that there is just not that much ‘stuff’ we want or need. Therefore, it becomes increasingly difficult to find three thoughtful presents (Fathers Day, Birthday and Christmas) every year for Mr T without resorting to vouchers or just buying something crap for the sake of giving a gift.

When I organise a present for Mr T, I try to think about the experience of the gift rather than the gift itself. That’s why this year for Father’s Day Mr T received (along with the obligatory packet of Skittles Sours – such a weird taste in lollies) a gift for him to make for the kids but also to have fun with the kids while doing it.

I’m talking about a Roller Board. Well, I call it a Roller Board it’s also know as a Kid Made Go-Kart. I saw the idea over on a blog called Fangletronics which is the husband site of one of my favourite blogs Filth Wizardry.

The Dad from Fangletronics had worked with his daughter to create the Roller Board, planning it, drawing it, buying the goods, drilling, hammering, decoration, the whole lot. It looked like a great way for them to spend together while also making something that everyone would enjoy.

For Mr T’s gift I bought:

4 x castor wheels (weighted for 30 kgs)
1 x 15 metre multi purpose rope
1 x 42mm x 30mm x 1.2metre wood (FSC Certified of course!)

Mr T already had some screws and wood for the board in the shed (from previously salvaged bits and pieces over the years).

I copied the instructions from the Fangletronics blog post and pasted a couple of pictures in too. I would offer them here as part of an easy to make template tool but I think it would be best if you head on over to Fangletronics to see how it is done.

I was a bit nervous about the reaction I would get at handing over a plank of wood, four wheels and some rope and yelling ‘Surprise!’ for a gift but the end result was exactly what I was hoping for.

Miss Logical and Master Mayhem loved spending some time with their Dad, especially handling the power tools and lots of fun has been had by all down the park.







We had some fairly envious looks too!

What creative gift ideas have you come up with for Fathers Day?

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