Top 5 Vegetarian Dishes for Christmas

I’ll be honest, I went searching for vegetarian options for Christmas assuming I would be disappointed.

My requirements were

  • no tofu
  • no nut loaf and
  • stuff that actually looked like something special for Christmas day.

I was pleasantly surprised, and not at all disappointed to find it is quite easy, cheap and a little bit fancy to go vegetarian for Christmas.

Here are my top 5 picks.



Save money on prawns and invest in some good quality tomatoes instead. Bruschetta is one of the most underrated entrees I think. Head to Donna Hay for something fancy.

Entree or Main


Roast Vegetable and Feta Tarts
This dish looks really Christmas-ey and would be hearty enough for an entree or a main.

Entree or Main


Christmas Filo Pastry Parcels
These filo pastry parcels are filled with sweet potato, leek, chestnuts and soft goat cheese along with garlic and thyme. It doesn’t get better than that. Plus, I thought they looked quite gourmet.



Cheddar Vegetable and Chestnut Plait
I also thought that on my vegetarian Christmas travels there wouldn’t be anything ‘hearty’ enough to fill people up. But I think even a small slice of this would keep the largest of guests happy.

Dessert or Snack


Strawberry Santa hats
I loved this idea for Christmas drinks or a school party or even just served with ice-cream on Christmas day. It looks really easy but effective and would be a great way for the kids to have some fruit instead of constant treats.

What do you think? Could you do a vegetarian Christmas?

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