Where to Sell (And Buy) Pre-loved Baby Clothes


It’s a boy!

I’m not saying that in hearing those words my first thought was, ‘Ahh, de-cluttering’ but four weeks on as I come out of the baby-induced fog I am relishing the thought of handing over many boxes of girls clothes that have been sitting in my storage for three years.

I have been in a fortunate situation for years where a very generous friend has handed over boxes of clothes as her children grew out of them. This has been a lifesaver for us, to the point where I really haven’t had to buy any clothing for Miss Logical or Master Mayhem.

There is also the kids squeals of delight (sometimes the squeals are mine too) as the boxes are opened and clothing gold is revealed that make this handover of clothes really special.

Now, I’m lucky enough to have a friend who I can pass the gold onto.

However, I did wonder what other options there were for people who didn’t have a next-in-line-friend-with-a-baby to pass onto.

I jumped online and was blown away by how many options there were to buy and sell baby clothes online.

I’ve had to reduce it to my Top 5 Places to Recycle Clothes Online.


Threadwise works on a bag system. You order the bag for a refundable $10, fill it and send it back. It’s that easy. They do all the work and it means you don’t have to take photos of every item and post them individually.


Re-loved offers sellers a percentage of what the clothes sell for, this can be received in cash (as items sell) or as a store credit. This website is different as it also looks for vintage or retro clothes and objects, sometimes these things are the hardest to part with.


Threadex is amazingly simple. You list a bundle of clothes (no need for photos) that your child no longer wears (8-10 items usually) on the website and if someone chooses your bundle a courier will come and pick it up from you and deliver to the buyers door!

Cotton Haystack

Really wish I had found this site when I was still pregnant as it sells pre-loved children’s clothing and maternity clothes. Plus it also has a section of handmade goods which I know will come back to. Sellers need to only fill in a form and upload some images of the clothes they wish to sell.

Shop and Swap for Kids

This site has had a recent name change from Shop and Swap for Baby to Shop and Swap for Kids as they no longer offer clothing of size 0 or under. Sellers can either sell for cash or for credits and only name brand clothing is accepted.

If you are wanting to do something a bit more local or get rid of everything in one hit, other options are:

  • Hire a stall at a mums and bubs market and sell everything in one hit.
  • Have a swap it night with friends.
    Even though your group of friends may have moved onto the next stage they may still be looking for gifts for other people, plus you will be able to swap ‘up’ for the next stage.
  • Hold a garage sale.
    If you don’t think you have enough stuff to set up a garage sale, get your friends involved and have a group one with a focus on children’s clothes, toys and accessories.
  • Donate it to your local charity.
    My cousin recently informed me that at a particular Savers store you could pull up in your car, press a button and someone will come to you with a trolley to take the things directly from your car. I can’t think of an easier way to donate!

What do you do with children’s clothes you no longer need?


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