Organising Your Fridge, Freezer and Pantry on A Budget

Every now and then I go through a stage where my fridge, freezer or pantry (or sometimes all three at the same time) becomes completely unbearable.

I was in one of those stages recently and needed to make a change before I started an all out war against my condiments and frozen veg.

I was getting ready to head to my closest storage shop, empty my purse on the counter and beg them to help me when I realised I have many storage solutions around me already. And what I don’t have at home can definitely be found pre-loved.

Here are a few of my storage and home organisational wins.


I picked up this blue basket from The Salvos for 50 cents and it has been my sturdy fruit basket ever since.


I felt a bit guilty when I bought some apples in a packet instead of buying in bulk and using my Onya bag. However, I have used the container as my tomato holder ever since so I figure that lets me off the hook a bit.



Ice-cream containers are fantastic for freezer storage. I painted this one with a bit of Gesso Primer and added a label so I wouldn’t get confused with the actual ice-cream. Now, any time I use a vegetable, for example a carrot, where I have no use for the top part I freeze it here to be made into veggie stock later. I Spy Plum Pie has a great post on how to make vegetable stock out of your leftovers. I’m hoping by doing this I will be showing Miss Logical and Master Mayhem other ways to reduce food waste.


Same again with the ice-cream container. I put any crusts that get left in the bottom of the bag into this container and freeze it so I can make bread crumbs whenever I need them.


I’ll be the first to admit, a cardboard box probably doesn’t look as pretty as some spice holders could probably look but I swear it is the best spice rack I have ever had. It does the job and if I really want to I can always cover the box to make it look pretty. For now, I kinda like it.


I picked this up from a Lions Garage Sale for $2. While I was standing in line a lady asked me if I was definitely buying it because if I didn’t she would!


Here’s another couple of storage ideas I have found around our house.


The plan is to tizzy them up a bit more with material when I find something I like but for now these boxes from my local hardware store look neat and tidy with brown paper.






What do you think? Is there anything you have re-used as a storage solution?

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