Does Shopping Sustainably Have to be Expensive?


Here’s the scenario.

Last week I needed a new notebook.

I love notebooks, especially pretty ones. I love the new notebook smell and always have one with me to jot notes in, shopping lists, anything that pops into my head really.

So, I went shopping. I was excited because while I was going to a shopping centre to get my goods I knew I was going to head to Oxfam and pick up a beautiful hand crafted one, I knew it was going to be ethically and sustainably made and I knew I was going to love it.

However when I found my prized notebook it was way out of my price range. I knew the price was a fair one, I was shopping at Oxfam it’s all about fairness.

I wandered about the shopping centre, not sure what to do. I could spend the money and love my notebook but at this particular time I was feeling a bit strapped for cash and I was finding it hard to hand over the dosh.

I wandered (there was a lot of wandering happening…) past another store with a display selling 3 notebooks for $10. The covers were funky, the pages were lined and they also had that new notebook smell.


Where was the paper from? How was the notebook made? Why was it so cheap? If an offer seems too good to be true, it generally is.

Neither offer made me feel good. I was either out of pocket or I was buying something I couldn’t be certain was made ethically and sustainably.

What to do?

I changed my thinking.

The truth was I had plenty of notebooks at home. Exercise books l had only half filled, writing pads with a scribble or two, all supposedly no longer good enough for my note taking.

Once I changed my thinking and decided to use what I already had it meant I still had a notebook to write in but I hadn’t broken my values or my bank balance to get it.

Plus, if I want to pretty them up to have that new notebook feel there are plenty of great tutorials.

What about you? Have you changed your thinking when shopping for an item?


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