Sustainable Party Favour Idea for 1-5 year olds


When I went to birthday parties as a kid I seem to remember a piece of cake wrapped in a serviette being the party favour at the end the party.

Does that sound right? Or was I ripped off somewhere along the way?

Either way party bags are a standard of the birthday world today. Little plastic bags of joy with toys and a few sweet treats, my kids love them and if I get to them quick enough I do too.

However, for our last party I really wanted to come up with something that wouldn’t send me to the $2 shop or have me topping up the bag with extra sweets.

That’s when I came up with the play dough party favour idea.

I saved up and cleaned (thoroughly) all our empty hummus containers and added a picture and note on top thanking guests for coming to the party.

Next I made two different coloured batches of play dough and shared it between the containers.

I scored a bag of play dough cutters and a bag of pre-loved mini dinosaurs from a second-hand shop which I then added to the play dough.

I added a lollipop and voila! A party favour you can eat and play with, all without having to add to the consumer demand for party goods.

Do you have any sustainable party favour ideas?


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