5 Things you can do as a Palm Oil Consumer

We are all palm oil consumers.

It’s pretty hard to avoid when it is in about 50% of products sold at your supermarket and companies are not required to state if their products contain palm oil at all.

But there are ways we can be conscientious palm oil consumers.

1. Be aware
Be aware of the issues, talk to your family and friends, are they aware of the environmental impact of palm oil? If you find out that a product you’ve been using has palm oil in it, find an alternative that uses Certified Sustainable Palm Oil (CSPO) or no palm oil at all.

2. Shop Savvy
Download this guide from Sustainable Table to help you identify ingredients that either are palm oil or derived from palm oil as well as a simple listing of palm oil free and CSPO products. Print one for your purse and one for your friend’s purse too!

3. Check your labels
This bit is a little confusing so I’ve broken it up.

  • Palm oil and it’s derivatives are the only vegetable oils that contain saturated fat.
  • If the label states vegetable oil (and no animal fat is listed) and then states the amount of saturated fat it’s likely this vegetable oil is either palm kernel oil or palm oil.
  • Another way to check is if a product’s saturated fat content is over 40% of its total fat content, it will almost always have palm oil in it.
  • If you’re still not sure, type the product name into Google along with ‘palm oil’ and see the search results. Otherwise call the company direct and ask if they use palm oil.

4. Spread the love
Buy other products that contain alternative vegetable oils, such as 100% sunflower oil, corn oil or canola oil. As consumers we can direct the market and when we show producers that we would rather buy alternatives to palm oil they will respond.

5. Take Action
Let companies know that the use of uncertified unsustainable palm oil is unacceptable. Make changes to your shopping habits, write direct to the company and let them know you are unimpressed or take part in the In Your Palm campaign to take a stand and make change.

What about you? Did you know you were a palm oil consumer?

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