Simple and Sustainable Birthday Party Ideas

I’ve spoken before about the benefits of having a slowed-down, sugar-reduced kids party and going a little old school with home-made party favours.

This week I’m keepin’ it real with invites, decorations and dinnerware for your party peeps without heading for the crap shop.

Birthday Invites – Think about your paper source.

  1. Create your own and print them on recycled paper. To make it a bit more fun why not stick the invitation to the back of a cereal box, trim and cut into jigsaw pieces to give your guest a game before they even get to your party.
  2. Get your child to decorate their own invites. It’s a little bit of extra work but creates some time to sit down and talk about the party and stretch the excitement out.

Birthday Decorations – Think reusable.

  1. Bunting seems to be all the rage at the moment and I have to say I like it. My intention is to make my own bunting using this tutorial. However, if time doesn’t permit (which it probably won’t) then I am going to head to Etsy for some beautiful handmade bunting, it’s still handmade…just not be me!
    Another option is to make your own paper bunting, twice as easy and just as effective.
  2. You know how at Christmas time you get excited when the Christmas decorations come out? Do the same for the birthday decorations. Each year collect a reusable decoration, like bunting and keep it in a birthday box that the birthday boy or girl can excitedly get out a week before birthday time.

Birthday dinnerware – Think reusable again.

  1. Invest in some plates, cups and cutlery that will go in the above mentioned birthday box. This saves on using disposable plates and if you get small plastic ones they are easy enough to rinse clean at the end of the day. Scour your local second-hand shops for barely used kiddy plate/bowl/cup sets and spare cutlery, you won’t be disappointed.
  2. While you’re whipping up the bunting why not whip up some cloth serviettes as well? This reduces the waste of disposable serviettes, at the end of the day they can be washed and packed in the birthday box.
  3. Serve individual meals in a box. You can find loads of small boxes at your local supermarket. Wrap these in some clean paper, put a serviette or a picture on the bottom and voila you have a re-used, recyclable, disposable food container. This also minimises food waste as kids are more likely to eat what’s in their box rather than eyeing off the next thing on the goody table.

Here are some handy websites for more eco-party birthday ideas
Australian Organic Directory
Eco Party Box
Eco Toys

Do you have any sustainable birthday party tips?

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