Restoring the Soul with A Backyard Bonfire

I happily said goodbye to Winter this year. We were full of coughs and colds and there seemed to be no end to the amount of snotty tissues I would find dotted around the house.

However, we did manage to be inspired enough by Tricia over at Little Eco Footprints to venture outside and build ourselves a backyard campfire.
There is something about a campfire that really restores the soul. The warmth of a fire entices you to do nothing more than sit and stare and maybe push a log around expertly with a stick every now and then.
Our campfire accompaniments got a little fancier as we went along, we started off just toasting marshmallows then we tried our hand at smores, then damper twirls and one night we had dinner of sausages cooked on a roasting rack we precariously balanced over a couple of droppers which were propped up by bricks. It was all very basic and all the more fun for it.
The best thing was taking the time to chat to Miss Logical and Master Mayhem over a toasted marshmallow about random things that I would normally miss in the hustle and bustle of everyday life.
I won’t miss Winter but I will miss my campfire.

Do you have any suggestions for stopping and slowing down in Spring?

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